Egodi Uchendu (PhD), AvHF, FHSN, FRDA, MNAL, is Professor of History at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She received her doctorate degree in Social History (Women’s History precisely) in 2002, a Master’s degree in Political History in 1993, and a Bachelor’s degree in History in 1989, from the University of Nigeria. She has worked as a researcher in the United States and several locations in Europe and Africa since 2001. Her research revolves around women in conflict situations, men and masculinities and their relation to women, African historiography, and emerging Muslim communities in Eastern Nigeria.

Professor Uchendu’s major books include Women and Conflict in the Nigerian Civil War (New Jersey, 2007); Masculinities in Contemporary Africa (Dakar, 2008); Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria: A History of the Arrival of Islam in Igboland (Berlin, 2011), with a special Nigerian edition published 2012; New Face of Islam in Eastern Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin: Essays in

Honour of Simon Ottenberg (Makurdi, 2012). Islam in the Niger Delta, 1890-2017: A Synthesis of the Accounts of Indigenes and Migrants (Berlin: 2018), with a special Nigerian edition published in 2019. Nigeria’s Resource Wars (Delaware, 2020) and Nigeria’s 2019 Democratic Experience (Berlin, 2022) among others. Professor Uchendu has published outstanding scholarly papers in very highly rated international journals. Among them are: The Journal of African HistoryAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute; The Social Science Journal (Elsevier); Nordic Journal of African Studies; Journal of Third World Studies, and Asian Women.

Professor Egodi Uchendu has been editor and co-editor of different scholarly journals including History in Africa: A Journal of Debates, Methods, and Source Analysis and Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria. She has served several journal bodies as a manuscript reviewer including Journal of Third World Studies (USA), JENDA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies (USA), The Social Science Journal (Elsevier, USA); Journal of Higher Education in Africa (Dakar, Senegal), Africa Development Journal (Dakar, Senegal), Africa Journal of International Affairs (Dakar, Senegal), Journal of the Historical Society of NigeriaNsukka Journal of Humanities and others.

Professor Uchendu has a record of outstanding achievements in research. She has been a research fellow in several top-rated research institutes and has won several research fellowships and grants. Her outstanding scholarship has been funded by the Fulbright Foundation (United States), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany), A. G. Leventis Foundation and others. Uchendu has served as Director of the B. I. C. Ijomah Centre for Policy Studies and Research, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and the CODESRIA Gender Institute, Dakar, Senegal. For further details on Professor Uchendu and her scholarship, please visit