African Humanities Research and Development Circle (AHRDC) started in 2015 with a group of five scholars drawn from the disciplines of History and Philosophy. We have since expanded our ranks to include scholars from Anthropology, English and Foreign Languages, Fine and Applied Arts, Missiology, Sociology and Peace and Conflict Studies. We also have associate members from Education, Engineering and Physiology. Together, we pursue development-oriented research. We are particular about researches or projects that improve life experiences in African societies.


Addressing development and policy problems in Africa through cutting-edge research, debates, and publications.

Mission Implementation Strategies

  1. Create an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary platform for Africanist scholars, stakeholders, and development and policy experts to share knowledge on historical and contemporary issues affecting Africa.
  2. Facilitate networking among Africanist scholars and institutions across the globe.
  3. Provide up to date knowledge on new pathways, debates, and methodological breakthroughs in the study of Africa.
  4. Assist Africanists scholars in building capacity and competence in researching on, and teaching of, Africa.